Terms & Conditions



All ticket prices for events that occur are stated in US dollars.

Some guests may charge additional fees for autographs or photo ops.

Guests could cancel their appearance or change their appearance schedule because of other professional commitments or reasons out of the TallahasseeCon Convention control. In such circumstances, the TallahasseeCon Convention cannot be held responsible. All sales are final. No exchange or refund will be issued. This is for all Guests, Artists & Vendors.

Guests & Attractions are subject to cancellation or schedule change, due to professional commitments. 

Although most guests are available for the duration of the event, due to limited availability some guests are only available for a portion of the event, e.g. a single day. Appearance day(s) will be posted on the website when we are advised by the guest. All events have limited seating capacities and are offered on a first come, first served basis.

For the safety of all convention attendees Costumers are expected to read and comply to the Weapons and Large Props Rules and Regulations entirely.

Failure to do so will result in warnings and potentially loss of convention membership.

All sales are final, no exchanges or refunds for any reason. This is for all Guests, Artists & Vendors.

Cancelled and Rescheduled Event - If the event is cancelled or rescheduled, we will alert you ASAP.

Cancelled Event - You'll get an automatic refund for tickets bought online using your purchase payment method.

Rescheduled Event - We'll contact you with the new date and time.


Code of Conduct


If you aren't allowed to do it outside of the convention, it isn't allowed at the convention.

TallahasseeCon Convention strives to create an environment which caters to the fan community, but would like to remind attendees that they are still expected to be law abiding and responsible. Attendees who violate these rules may be subject to expulsion from the convention without refund, and may be banned from attending again in subsequent years.


All TallahasseeCon Convention attendees, guests, vendors, staff, and volunteers are expected to interact in a respectable and positive manner. We are all here to have a great time, so please use common sense and be courteous.

We are looking to provide a safe, secure, and pleasant family environment, these activities are not allowed at the TallahasseeCon Convention:

  1. Engaging in disruptive and unsafe behavior that disturbs or endangers the attendees, guests, vendors, staff, or volunteers.

  2. Physical or verbal harassment of the attendees, guests, vendors, staff, or volunteers.

  3. Any activities deemed to be nuisances to the convention or the convention premises, including excessive noise or behaviour considered generally disruptive.

  4. Any act which could result in substantial risk or harm to people or property.

  5. Sexual misconduct, such as indecent exposure, offensive touching, or sexual harassment.

  6. Laser pointers, laser-aiming devices, or similar devices, may not be used in public, unless you are officially sanctioned to lead or present a convention seminar, workshop, display, or other convention-sanctioned event in which a laser is needed.

  7. Any literature distribution without prior permission of the TallahasseeCon Convention.

  8. In the interest of respecting the rights of people who want to be left alone, the following behaviours are considered unacceptable without prior consent of the recipient:  hugging, groping, back-slapping, kissing or other unwanted physical contact.  This also includes unwanted advances or other similar forms of behaviour considered to be harassment.

  9. Engaging in any activity prohibited by law.

All individuals whose actions violate these rules will be asked to stop such actions. TallahasseeCon Convention reserves the right to require anyone violating these rules of conduct to leave the event. TallahasseeCon Convention may withdraw permission for a person or persons to re-enter the event if that person continues to violate these rules. Any violation of the rules of conduct which involve activities prohibited by law will result in notification of the proper authorities.

Costuming, Props and Dress Code

Cosplay (Costume Play) is highly encouraged, but some restrictions apply:

  1. Footwear is required (do not come barefoot).

  2. Costumes that are deemed to be indecently revealing (the "no costume is not a costume" principle), as well as costumes or props that are deemed to be offensive or otherwise unacceptable by TallahasseeCon Convention standards are prohibited. An attendee who is wearing a costume or carrying a prop that does not meet these requirements may be asked to change into either street clothes or another costume.

  3. All large props or any props resembling weapons (including guns, swords, spears, whips, bows, etc.) must pass through weapons check and be verified and peace bonded by the TallahasseeCon Convention Weapons Master to ensure they are safe. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the convention without refund. Please refer to our Weapons Policy for more detail.

Photography and Video

  1. Please ask our convention attendees for their permission before taking their photograph. Please get the cosplayers consent first. If they say no, please do not take a photo of them anyway.

  2. Please ask parent, guardian, or chaperone for permission to take a minor’s photo and let them know where the photo will be located. If they say no, please respect their wishes.

  3. Take special care not to obstruct the flow of traffic.

  4. Photography and recordings may be permitted during workshops, panels, and guest sessions and in the Artists' Area at the discretion of the host(s)/artists involved. If you are unsure whether photography or videography are allowed during a particular event or in a particular area, ask permission from TallahasseeCon Convention Staff first.

  5. Flash photography will not be allowed during Guest signings or Celebrity Q&A sessions.

  6. Photography of merchandise in the Dealers' Area is prohibited, unless you’ve obtained consent from the vendor.

  7. The convention reserves the right to prohibit photography and/or videotaping of any event or area.

  8. Convention staff may review and/or demand deletion of any unauthorized photographs or video recordings.

Food and Drinks

The consumption of food or beverages is forbidden in all panel rooms and the Main Events room. Only water bottles will be accepted in these rooms.

Attendees are also expected to take proper measures to maintain a clean environment and dispose of any food or drink (including packaging) related garbage properly when they are done.  Attendees who cause damage or are otherwise abusive of their food and drink privileges may be expelled from the convention.

Insurance Coverage

The City of Charleston confirms that all vendors of the event are to provide us with their own confirmation of General Liability Insurance for the event. You can email us this at info@tallahasseecon.com

Privacy Policy

At TallahasseeCon Convention, we take very seriously the security and integrity of our customers’ personal information. That’s why we commit to protect this information.

Personal information collected by TallahasseeCon Convention is information about an identifiable individual that may include the name, the email address, the mailing address, the phone number and the credit card number.

TallahasseeCon Convention collects customer information for different reasons:

  1. to provide a positive customer experience;

  2. to collect payment for products and services;

  3. to understand customer requirements and keep the customers updated on the event.

TallahasseeCon Convention does not use or disclose personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected, except with the consent of the individual. TallahasseeCon Convention retains personal information only as long as necessary. If required, the customer can ask for his personal information to be modified.

If you have questions about this policy or about handling of your information by TallahasseeCon Convention, or if you do not want to receive future marketing communications from TallahasseeCon Convention, please contact us

Guests & Attractions are subject to cancellation or schedule change, due to professional commitments.